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Faithfully going to Church week-after-week, to the same fellowship, and with the same people as a pattern - is part of the Christian life.



Growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ, having a renewed mind, and being transformed is the fruit of the believer's life.



Gathering together in song and study as well as mutual service to the Lord forms the visible church.

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Pastor John Nicholas Pastor
The Bible one book, one chapter, one verse at a time
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Christian Authorship Douglas Wilson can turn a phrase! In this book Wordsmithy, Doug offers advice, ideas, and techniques for the expressed purpose of helping others (you included) write well-er. I…

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The Christian’s Pursuit of God-Given Holiness by Michael Riccardi @Mriccardi23 I received this book as a gift from John MacArthur – OK it was one of the books given away…

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