We are convinced by Scripture and by reason that, man was created by God in His image.

The image of God in man takes on four key characteristics: Personal – Man has a personality similar to God, however, fallen, in that he can reason, has feelings, and can act out of personal, creaturely, will (Job 7:11John 7:17Acts 17:2).Moral – Deep inside every man is a pervading sense of right and wrong, which is written on the hearts of all. Man has a conscience for discerning such things no matter how far or close the individuals are to the Lord and the Scriptures (Romans 9:11 Cor. 8:1-13).Spiritual – Adam was created with the ability to know God and fellowship with Him. For post-Adamic man, at the point of regeneration, this ability increases in knowing God personally and increased ability to discern the Word of truth (Ephesians 4:24Colossians 3:10John 4:23). Immortal – Man’s soul is created to live forever after this physical life is over. He will either live in a blissful state of perfection in heaven with the Father or live in eternal punishment. (John 6:47Matt. 25:46).

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