We are convinced by Scripture and by reason, that:

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and free from error of any type (inerrant) in the original manuscripts and completely reliable in its teachings. We always go back to the Bible to find truth and direction in life.

The scriptures are “God-breathed” according to 2 Timothy 3:16 showing them to be inspired by God Himself. This occurred through the supernatural influence of the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21) upon the writers, rendering their writings an accurate record of the revelation of God. 2 Peter 3:2 while using their character traits, flaws, talents and skills to bring to light His elected truth in a providentially protected way.

Inerrant – When all facts are known, the scriptures, in their original autographs and/or properly interpreted/translated, are completely true and trustworthy in everything that they address and/or speak to. This includes doctrine, morality, history and the social, physical and life sciences. This must be true as the Word of God is a revelation of the very nature of God (truth). Anything else would counter this premise and be contrary to God which is not possible.

Canonicity – The 66 books of the Bible are the complete, full Word of God and thus, the canon of Scripture is closed with nothing to be added (Rev. 22:18-19). The books of the Bible are a unit sewn together by the Holy Spirit that is fully reliant upon each other lacking disagreement. This is based upon the fact that it is against the very nature of God to lie or to contradict Himself.

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