We are convinced by Scripture and by reason, that:

Man has incurred both physical and spiritual death, as well as being separated from God, due to his disobedience. Apart from accepting Jesus Christ and His atoning death as well as entering into a relationship with Him, man is doomed to the bondage of sin and eternal hell.

The nature of sin: The first man to sin, Adam (Gen. 3:6), through his act of disobedience (as federal head of all mankind), ushered in both physical and spiritual death (Gen. 3:19Rom. 6:23) as well as losing his place (and ultimately, our natural heir to the same) in utopia, the Garden of Eden.

Because of Adam’s sin, all humans who come forth from the same seed are born bound to a nature that is inherently and naturally sinful (Rom. 5:12-21), resulting in the truth of original sin and placing a sentence of death upon the human race (Rom. 6:23). All men are due the wrath of God as God sits in judgment upon man’s a) original sin nature and b) personal sin (Psalm 51:5Rom. 2:8Rom. 3:231 Cor. 15:221 John 1:8).

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