Psalms 2, Week 2:

Scripture: Psalm 2

Preaching Pastor: John Nicholas

Sermon Title: The Folly of Self-Rule

Main Idea: To fight against the way of the Lord is to fight a losing battle. A battle that has negative eternal consequences.

The blessed man is deeply nourished by the Word.  This week we dig into two things 1) the purpose and outline of the Psalms and 2) Psalm 1:1-6 and the blessed person.  

Psalm 2:1

Why do the nations rage[a]
    and the peoples plot in vain?

This Psalm, much like the first, starts off the tone of the book. Centrally focused on the worship of God, and hearing from Psalm 2, from the negative. Comparing the futility and volatility of man up and against a sovereign consistent God. You will note that this Psalm talks on a larger scale with similar issues as Psalm 1. Additionally, within this Psalm is found a clear messianic message.


Whereas the first part of the Psalm speaks about the ways of the rulers of the world, those that seek to be godlike in their behavior, the subsequent verses reflect God’s reaction, including the installation of His Son as the ruler of all. Furthermore, Christ speaks in the Psalm warning of the coming judgment.

Finally, the author speaks again at the end with words of warning. It is a call to repentance from self-rule. We see this encouragement to rejoice and take refuge in God, rejoicing with trembling. A powerful, clear, and coherent call to action.

Are Christians in our day talking in this way, is there rejoice with trembling?

What causes trembling, fear, and rejoice as a unified reaction to God?

Go Do:

As we prepare to worship Sunday, as you reflect on our study and prepare for future studies (Psalm 3 and beyond), reflect on your passion for the Word. 

Ask yourself:

  • How can I find:
    • Service to the Lord in Fear
    • Rejoice, and
    • Trembling

How can we have a healthy worshipful fear of God?

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