We Know: I John 5:18-21

•       We know we’re free from sin’s bondage
•       We know we’re God’s own elect
•       We know our salvation is founded on Christ Himself.

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A Sinner’s Prayer: I John 5:16-17

I John: LIGHT/LOVEA Sinner’s Prayer: I John 5:16-17Pastor John NicholasSunday May 29, 2022 Pray, Observe, Apply.

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Confident Prayers: I John 5:13-15

I John: LIGHT/LOVEConfident Prayers: I John 5:13-15Pastor John WeathersbySunday May 22, 2022 Draft, Not Transcript In John’s epistle today, we’ll see that the confidence found in our standing before God…

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Easy As 1-2-3: I John 5:10-12

1 John is coming back to concepts that he has laid down as his premise,
·      The Testimony of a transformed person
·      The Love of God
·      The Trustworthiness of God

And knowing our position before holy God in Christ is as easy as 1-2-3 we’re either:
1)      Aligned with the Gospel and found in Christ,
2)      Lying to ourselves about being in Christ and not bearing fruit, or
3)      Calling God a liar and denying truth

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The Testimony Of The Trinity: I John 5:6-9

I John: LIGHT/LOVEThe Testimony Of The Trinity: I John 5:6-9Pastor John NicholasSunday May 8, 2022 Pray, Observe, Apply.

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Victory Abiding In Jesus: I John 5:1-5

I John: LIGHT/LOVEVictory Abiding In Jesus: I John 5:1-5Pastor John NicholasSunday May 1, 2022 Pray, Observe, Apply.

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Complete: I John 4:15-21

I John: LIGHT/LOVEComplete: I John 4:15-21Pastor John WeathersbySunday April 24, 2022 Draft, Not Transcript Life is trying. You know that if you’ve lived here for a bit.  This place can wear you…

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All We Need: I John 4:7-14

I John: LIGHT/LOVEAll We Need: I John 4:7-14Pastor John WeathersbySunday April 17, 2022 Draft, Not Transcript As the providence of God would have it, our natural landing place this morning…

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Discernment & Eternal Victory: I John 4:1-6

I John: LIGHT/LOVEDiscernment & Eternal Victory: I John 4:1-6Pastor John NicholasSunday April 10, 2022 Pray, Observe, Apply.

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Unity With God: I John 3:23-24

I John: LIGHT/LOVEUnity With God: I John 3:23-24Pastor John NicholasSunday April 3, 2022 Pray, Observe, Apply.

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