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The Finger Of God

SUFFERING KING: THE BOOK OF MARK:The Finger Of God: Mark 1:32-34Pastor John WeathersbySunday January 5, 2020 The first morning of the new year, I read and was struck by this: 1…

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Call to be Fishers of Men

SUFFERING KING: THE BOOK OF MARK:Call to be Fishers of Men: Mark 1:16-20Pastor John WeathersbySunday December 15, 2019 Mark 1:16-20 (ESV) Jesus Calls the First Disciples 16 Passing alongside the Sea of Galilee,…

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The Spirit

SUFFERING KING: THE BOOK OF MARK:The Spirit: Mark 1:12-13Pastor John WeathersbySunday December 1, 2019 Today, we’ll see our new friend in the book of Mark, immediacy and mission. The two are…

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Jesus’ Baptism

SUFFERING KING: THE BOOK OF MARK:Jesus’ Baptism: Mark 1:9-11Pastor John WeathersbySunday November 24, 2019 Last week, Pastor John Nicholas talked about the odd signature in the book of Mark , the…

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