The Book of Psalms

In the Book of Psalms, begin what will become our long-running summer book study. In the summer of 2022, we will follow the following schedule:

6/12/2022Psalm 1
6/19/2022Psalm 2
6/26/2022Psalm 3
7/3/2022Psalm 4
7/10/2022Psalm 5:1-6
7/17/2022Psalm 5:7-12
7/24/2022Psalm 6
7/31/2022Psalm 7:1-5
8/7/2022Psalm 7:6-17
8/14/2022Psalm 8
8/21/2022Psalm 9:1-6
8/28/2022Psalm 9:7-10
9/4/2022Psalm 9:11-14
9/11/2022Psalm 9:15-20
Psalms reading/sermon schedule

Malachi calls the people to refocus around their usefulness, wisdom, faithfulness, and truthfulness.

First Reformed teaches “the Bible; one book, one chapter, one verse at a time“. As such, our approach to The Psalms will be the same. We’ll ask questions of the text like,

  • Who is this book to
  • Who/What is/are the forms and genres across the Psalms
  • What is this book about
  • Are there commands or lasting principles for us

Our study through the book of Psalms for the Summer of 2022 will be 14 weeks long and work through the first 9 Psalms. and you can find the Spotify playlist below which includes the songs our Worship teams will pick from.

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