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At 10:45 we open with a time of announcements. We hear about missionaries, church updates, up-coming events (communion, outreach, work days, etc.).

We have a 2 or 3 songs a time of greeting, then we read the scripture for the day.

Our sermons are generally 45 minutes, focused in the book, chapter, and verses for the day. Centered on exegesis (taking from the text) of God’s purpose in the Word.

We close worship with 2 songs and a time of giving between the two. A Pastor summarizes the message and closes with a weekly call to action and invitation to pray with other after service.

We serve coffee and snacks at our weekly gatherings which are freely available and guests are welcome to join us for our 9:20am adult Sunday School.

    9:20am – Adult Sunday School

    10:45am – Corporate Worship

    We have off-street parking, but many members leave the front spaces open. So pull up around 18th and State, and generally, there are open spots along state and 18th street sides.

    Dress is all over the map. Preaching pastors wear a coat and tie, members wear from causal to business casual. You won’t feel out of place either way you go and you’re welcome either way.

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