The Book of Malachi

In the Book of Malachi, we study the relatively unknown minor prophet with a timely message that came to him as a burden. His burden for the people demonstrates that they:

  • Shut the gates
  • Uselessly kindle Fire
  • The priests do not preserve knowledge
  • The people aren’t faithful, and
  • They have delighted in evil, calling it good

Malachi calls the people to refocus around their usefulness, wisdom, faithfulness, and truthfulness.

First Reformed teaches “the Bible; one book, one chapter, one verse at a time“. As such, our approach to Malachi will be the same. We’ll ask questions of the text like,

  • Who is this book to
  • Who/What is/are the minor prophets
  • What is this book about
  • Are there commands or lasting principals for us

Our study through the book of Malachi will be 16 weeks and you can find the Spotify playlist below which includes the songs our Worship teams will pick from.

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