Psalms 4, Week 4:

Scripture: Psalm 4 Preaching Pastor: John Nicholas Sermon Title: The Believer’s Assurance Main Idea: Assurance is found in trusting the Lord We know that the blessed man is deeply nourished…

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Psalms 3, Week 3:

Scripture: Psalm 3 Preaching Pastor: John Nicholas Sermon Title: Our Sure Hope Main Idea: When we study Psalm 3 we will learn three things about the our walk with God,…

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Psalms 2, Week 2:

Scripture: Psalm 2 Preaching Pastor: John Nicholas Sermon Title: The Folly of Self-Rule Main Idea: To fight against the way of the Lord is to fight a losing battle. A…

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Psalms 1, Week 1:

Scripture: Psalm 1 Preaching Pastor: John Weathersby Sermon Title: Blessed Main Idea: The blessed man is deeply nourished by the Word.  This week we dig into two things 1) the…

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Closed The Church

Why We Closed Transcend Church

First Reformed Baptist Church shut down Transcend Church, a 10 year old Church Plant. The doors closed on Transcend Church 9/12/2021. The closure was announced on all of the Church’s…

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Living Worshipfully

Scripturally rich lives produce fruit according to God’s own Will. Our focus as a Church is to purposefully place scripture at the center of everything we do. If we cannot…

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