Christian Authorship

Douglas Wilson can turn a phrase!

In this book Wordsmithy, Doug offers advice, ideas, and techniques for the expressed purpose of helping others (you included) write well-er. I enjoyed both his practical advice as-well-as his ideas and concepts. For example, Wilson offers up this question “dictionaries are books, why not read them“.

Moreover he offers great insight regarding referencing authors/quotes, and reading from the top and bottom shelves. His question about dictionaries is a great one – why not read them. But like the rest of his ideas in the book, if we don’t implement them, they remain ideas and ideas don’t make great writers – people who work at writing and read books make great writers.

Wordsmithy (the book) has branched out into a conference hosted at Christ’s Church in Moscow Idaho, which I plan to attend.

I enjoy Wilson’s idea that Christians should write and that they should do it well. I would expand his concept to say that Christians should be artistically expressive. I know that as we revel in the glory of God we should be awfully inspired and people should since our amazement at our amazing God!

So read it, and start writing.

All this said, if you’re interested in writing and writing better-er I would recommend this book.

Grace and peace,

Pastor John Weathersby

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